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Tolouse Low Trax | Sussing

2012 | Tolouse Low Trax | Album | Jeidem Fall


music by  Toulouse Low Trax
directed by  Mareike Foecking
directors assistant, organization, casting  Nina Ditscheid
editor  Abesalom Dabakhishvili, Mareike Foecking

cinematographer  Abesalom Dabakhishvili, Mareike Foecking
dancer  Bernado Fallas
actors  Bernhard Schmidt-Hackenberg, Joachim Förster, Mechthild Grabner, Luise Kinner
guest  appearance Shaki Shitake

objects and make up by  Sami Schlichting
costume design  Rolf Buck & Raphael Höpfner

setdesign by  Jan Kämmerling, Hannes Norberg, Karsten Weber
shot at  the Single Club by Alexander Wissel inside Agi´s Bistro, Duesseldorf

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